48 comments on “MyMobiler – Controlling your Android device from your PC

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  3. Hi,

    i have troubles with MyMobiler and Nexus 4 KitKat 4.4.3, i can control everything but i cant see the display, only can see a black background

    • Hi Carlos,

      I have just reinstalled MyMobiler and tested with my Nexus 4 KitKat 4.4.4. I’m seeing the display and everything properly. Have you tried changing the display access type?

      Open the MyMobiler App -> Setup Device -> Display (at this point, it will disconnect from the Desktop MyMobiler app, this is normal) -> Display (it will pop up the Select Display Access).

      Change the access type and reconnect.

      I’ve found that only option “3. Other” works for me. The other 3 types will result in a black empty screen though mouse controls are still functioning.

      Did that work for you?

  4. I am having similar issue on Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. Eve since the devices upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4.2, my mobiler shows black screen. I have tried all the display settings. I emailed the developer but have not heard back.

  5. I am having the same problem with my S4 since it upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4.2 (KitKat). It was working quite fine before that. The MyMobiler window comes up and I am able to utilize the Mobile Explorer. However, as for displaying, I get a dark screen in the window, with
    “Change Keyboard (F4)
    Ctrl+spc …”

    at the bottom. How do I get what is displayed on my S4 displaying again on the MyMobiler window?

    Also, another symptom is that when I pull up the MyMobiler on the S4, on the Setup Device screen, the line for mobiler service shows “mobiler service:no”

    Help get us back where we were before the KitKat update.
    Thank you kindly, Johann

    • Hi Johann & Stewart Lane,

      I do not have an S4 and cannot debug the issues you’re facing. My nexus 4 works as long as I choose display option 3.

      I believe that the “mobiler service:no” is the original state. Once you have the phone connected to the PC and the mobiler service is started from the PC, it should turn to “mobiler service:yes”.

      As long as your phone can be detected by adb, MyMobiler app should be able to run properly.

      Sorry I cannot be of more help.

      • Hi Eric,

        Thanks for commenting.

        I’ve tried all the settings. I have about 20 S4’s most of which are on 4.4.2. A few still have 4.3.
        Only the devices with 4.4.2 fail to work any longer. The 4.3’s still work. I’ve been using myMobiler since 2010 (on old windows phones too).

        Anyway, I picked up Soti Pocket Controller. Works perfectly. I use their MobiControl MDM solution we well for my fleet of phones.

        • Hey Stewart,

          Soti Pocket Controller huh. Is the framerate faster than the MyMobiler?

          Glad to see you found a working alternative and that’s a LOT of phones you have.

          • Eric,

            I’m not sure of the specs on each as to which is faster but observationally, to me, it is. Very close to realtime. You can get the trial version of the app. it gives you 60 minutes only, but it works the same as the $5/yr licensed version.

            I posted this issue in V.098 feedback section about a month ago. For weeks, it kept showing me that the post was pending moderator approval. I just went back to the link below and my post is gone. It doesn’t even show pending approval anymore. I was nice. I don’t know why they removed it.


  6. Eric,

    Thank you kindly for the reply as well; Like Stewart, I had a Windows Mobile O/S phone before the S4. I was used to a very seamless, never failing MyMobiler. This is very disappointing that it no longer works on a Verizon S4 running KitKat (4.4.2). I will try the Soti Pocket Controller solution.

    On another note, since Google Calendar Sync is no longer being supported, and working for that matter, do you have any good, viable (and free) app recommendations for sync’ing Outlook to an Android?


    • Do you mean Syncing your Outlook Calendar to Android?
      For my N4, I’m using Google’s Email app to sync my corporate email and calendar. It’s showing up fine so far.
      If you just want to sync the calendar (without the email)… I’ll have to do some digging.

      Can you give me a more precise scenario of what you need? That’ll help. 🙂


  7. Hi Eric,

    Yes indeed, I only want to sync Outlook Calendar with the Android Calendar, so that I have meeting notices on my phone, no matter where I am in the multiple-building plant. I had Google Calendar Sync working reasonably well with Outlook at work until Google folks removed all support just recently. Now, I’m looking for an alternative.

    • Hi Johann,

      I’ll search and see if I can find anything. Do keep me updated as well if you’ve found something. This may be useful to someone else.


      • Hello Eric,

        I have an update for those with a Galaxy S4 and Verizon as their carrier, who were having black screen issues using MyMobiler. I was able to get SideSync to work without issue. A kind thank you to Alwin on the earlier post, suggesting it. It works for me just fine, nice find Alwin, and thanks for posting about it.

        Now if we can only find a GOOD, FREE sync app for Outlook, I’ll then be back to the functionality I had on my old HTC Titan running Windows Mobile a year ago (Yep I took good care of it and kept it running for several years-since it came out. It was too bad that the Sprint coverage sucked so bad, functionally, I liked it a lot).

        Best to all and thanks again,

  8. Hey Eric,

    With respect to the original thread on MyMobiler not working on my S4 since the Verizon KitKat upgrade, I am not alone, others with a Samsung Galaxy Sx and Verizon as their carrier are having the exact same problems. Sometimes, upgrades suck, eh? Well, if you run across someone else who has discovered a viable alternative, gimme a shout. I’ll keep checking your board.

    Thanks again,

  9. Hi Eric,

    I’m having the same issue with MyMobiler: Black screen when connected. Just CHANGE KEYBOARD (F4) is displayed.

    My Device: Note 2 (GT-N7105) OS 4.4.2 But same issue with previous OS. I just upgraded a week ago.

    I was able to use MyMobiler long time without issues on this device. But about two month ago I just got a Black screen when connecting on the next day. Since then I’m searching for a fix – when time allows. When connected I’m able to use the HOME/OPTION … icons to control the Android but Mobile screen is black.

    I’m wondering about:
    – Mobile service: no displayed in Setup Device screen even when connected
    – On Android status line I see the “USB connected as media device” iscon
    – But there is no icon about “USB Debugging mode”. Shouldn’t this be displayed? It’s enabled in Android SETUP

    Looks to me there is any setup preventing the Mobile screen to be displayed.

    Any idea?

    Thx in advance for your help.


    • Hi Adolf,

      Has anything changed at all? Your phone settings, your PC settings, anything like that?
      USB debugging is typically enabled in Developer Options. Not too clear about Note 2 (running Stock Samsung ROM I assume?)

      It could be something that Samsung enabled which somehow caused MyMobiler to stop working correctly.

      One thing I’d check is that whether adb commands are working properly. Could you check that? If adb isn’t working, then it could be the USB drivers or USB debugging not properly enabled.

      Thanks for reading

  10. I got the same problem with my S4 and MyMobiler (black screen). But…. Samsung has now got it’s own “MyMobiler” and it is called “Side Sync 3.0”. I am going to try that today. Have fun.


  11. Alwin, Erik,

    Thx for your reply.

    @ Erik: adb commands are working. I’m able to connect and get the device id.
    @ Alwin: SideSync 3.0 isn’t compatible for Note 2 GT-N7105. Google Play does not allow to install it.

    There is for sure something that I did disable on the device. My Galaxy Nexus does show MyMobiler screen without any issues.
    Will further investigate when time allows.

    Will give feedback when I found the fix!!



  12. Hi
    I tried using mymobiler on my Sony Xperia M2 but the error message was “unable to connect your device (USB)”. I connected my phone to my notebook using USB cable and I have USB debugging activated but still the problem is not solved. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi Wong14,

      Here are a few things to check:
      1. Is ADB commands working? If no, you may have to reinstall the USB drivers.
      2. Is the MyMobiler App installed properly on your phone? Does it show the status as “waiting @ usb”?

      Thanks for reading!

  13. Thanks for your reply, eric.

    Some things to ask:

    1. Are ADB commands referring to usb debugging? If so, I have enabled usb debugging when usb is connected. Also, hw do I reinstall usb drivers?

    2. Yes, the status shown on my phone is waiting@usb

    thanks again for taking time to answer my questions 🙂

    • ADB commands are referring to a set of commands issued from your PC to communicate to your phone.

      Sony’s drivers seem to be here:

      You will also need to download the ADB package to test:

      After downloading the ADB package, unzip it out to a folder and follow the steps below:
      1. Open command prompt in the folder (you can open a window, navigate to that folder then shift+right click and select “Open command window here”
      2. Type “adb.exe devices”. If your drivers are properly installed, you should see a reply “ABC0123456 device” (see screenshot in the xda-developers link).

      Once you have verified that ADB is working, you should be able to connect using MyMobiler.

  14. Hi Eric

    After I have updated my software, i checked using the ADB package but my device is not recognised which means not properly installed. I think I should just give up.

    Thank you for you help.

  15. Hi everyone, I have a problem with mymobiler. I have already used it without any problem on my pc, but now I have changed the pc. The tablet android is the same, therefore I’m pretty sure that all properties on my tablet are ok. Actually I only have installed the MyMobiler on my laptop (with windows 8.1) but when I try to connect with USB cable it doesn’t work (unable to connect). Any suggestion?

    • Not true. I did test MyMobiler on Android 4.4.4 on my Nexus 4 and it worked. Could be Samsung’s Android 4.4.4 disabled something but its not Android 4.4’s issue, that’s Samsung’s issue.

  16. Hello Eric,

    I changed from an Sony Xperia Z1 compact (4.4.2) to a new Z3 compact (4.4.4) – Display is working fine after some trouble with finding the proper combination but mouse/touch input is not working.

    In the setup area when trying to setup touch it’s giving me (sometimes) an error message telling me “unable to start touch”.

    But anyways I changed it to direct input, service and auto detect without any changes or success.

    Keyboard is working perfectly.

    And as a seperate point :

    On my private notebook running windows 10 it’s not even connecting.

    Anyone knows how to support the developers? I used this awesome app very much – so I guess a little support would be great for them

  17. Hi everyone,

    Can’t speak for other devices but I’d definitely go with Pocket Controller and say the $4.99 is worth it. I tried many of the options discussed above on my Samsung Note Pro without any luck. I also tried the SideSync and still no luck. I also tried MyMobiler on a ASUS droid tablet and it didn’t work on that either. SO LONG STORY SHORT spend the money to get something that works!!

  18. Hello Eric,

    I’m new here i’m recently updated my samsung s3 4.2 to 4.4.4, after update mymobiler is not working. I can able to connect to the device but i can’t able to see the screen of device. Displaying black screen. Pls help me….


  19. Hi Eric, does MyMobiler work with Moto G phones? I have a Moto G and using mymobiler cannot establish commumication to the phone. I can’t locate the option to go into develope mode to enable the USB. Can you please advise on what I can do?

    • Hi Joe,

      Unfortunately, I have not used a Moto G before. However, from what you are describing, if you just need to enable Developer Options, just go into About Phone and tap on Build Number 7-8 times. You should see a Developer Options menu item after that.


  20. HTC One M8. All is fine EXCEPT that the image on the desktop monitor is a black screen. The tool bar on the MyMobiler popup window works. If I click the Home icon, the mobile device displays the Home page. I just can’t get the screen image on the mobile device to populate on the desktop monitor…its just black. I tried the various “display” options but that did not work.

  21. Hello:
    I could successfully connect the Motorola MC67 Android device from my PC using MyMobiler Android Version 0.9.8.

    Here is my configuration:
    Display Access: Other
    Change Keyboard: Mobiler Keyboard

    However, I have some issues and questions:
    1) After I reboot my Motorola MC67 device, I am no more allowed to connect (via WiFi) my device (unless I connect the device to the PC via USB to start the mymobiler service)
    2) Despite my Android device showing the MyMobiler service is running, but MyMobiler->Setup Device (on the Android device) shows that “#mobiler service : no” (until device is connected to the PC via USB)
    3) I understand, USB connection is required for initial setup, is it also required after each reboot ?
    4) Is there any alternate way to turn the “#mobiler service : yes” without using USB ?
    5) Why I can’t control the MC67 using the mouse connected to the PC ? (the keyboard is working)

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