3 comments on “The Great Storage Debate

  1. I honestly think 16 gigs is more than enough, for me at least, since my entire music library is on my 160 gig iPod anyway, and my S2’s 16 gigs are filled mainly with custom roms that I’m just too lazy to remove. As far as LTE is concerned, Google’s reasoning is completely justifiable, what’s the point in buying a Nexus device if it won’t update like a Nexu Device? I might as well just invest in a Note II or a S IV when it comes out. The non removable battery is a dumb move though in my opinion, but for purely conventional reasons, we’ve always been accustomed to removable batteries, why stop this trend now? Then again, I’ve had my S2 since it launched and the battery is still good and kicking until today, I sometimes even get two full days of battery with the right roms!

    • Wow. That’s one big iPod you have there. Lol.
      Yeah, the biggest consumer of my storage space is:
      – Custom ROM
      – The odd iso for emulator gaming
      – A couple of videos for long distance travels
      But I guess if I get a Nexus 4 + Nexus 7, I will move my videos over to Nexus 7, thus saving enough space on my Nexus 4. Nexus being on AOSP will probably reduce my temptation to flash a new ROM save for the odd CM ROMs.

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