5 comments on “The New Nexus Devices

  1. Nexus product line is amazing due to the facts that it receive direct update from Google, the source of android code….
    But to have LG….. UGH !!##@## They lock the bootloader…. that’s a big booo !!!

    • Well, LG does not have a great track record. But with a Nexus device, I doubt that they would lock the bootloader (I think one of Google’s requirements for Nexus/AOSP device is that the bootloader must be unlockable). It will really boil down to availability and price for me.

    • A 32GB option may or may not arrive and even if it does, it would probably be at least 4-6 months later (February of 2013 or later). If you can wait and see, probably you should.

      I would probably choose to wait if I could. The thing is, there are 2 Galaxy Ace in my family which is begging to be replaced. I’m highly considering getting the 16GB Nexus 4 and then handing my S2 over to replace one of the Galaxy Aces.

      One whole month to go before it is supposed to come to Asia. I’m waiting…

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