4 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S2 – I9100: JellyBean CM10 Real RIL Crash

  1. Heya Eric….
    Glad to have your legendary i9100 revive ^__^ and glad that u didn’t stuck with the stock TouchWiz yet. I guess the temptation of Jelly Bean is hard to resist :p

    Talking bout RIL crashes for Jelly Bean, i wish to share my experience. As BVLP7 modem gives me a superb connection with the previous ICS version (4.04), it seems i got lots of signal lost with Jelly Bean (4.1.2). So frustrating within the first 48 hours as I got a sudden drop call during an important/emergency conversation. Now i’m switching back to BULP6 and seems more stable and merely have a RIL crash. Seems that BVLP7 modem doesn’t goes well with JB 4.1.2 script inside my phone. T__T

    As of today, i’ve been using SuperNexus (build 5) ROM from Faryaab (his rom development covers i9100, i9100G, Note N7000) and SGS 3 i9300). So far, this ROM was superbly stable especially running with Dorimanx kernel (ver v 7.4) which now has the support for the Mali driver (i9100 GPU driver). My phone is flying high with this ROM, with average Quadrant Standard score above 3600 points.

    Since the release of SuperNexus B5 on the 17/10/2012, its been a while i visits the xda thread. But last nite as i surf in just to check any ‘leak’ of the new Jelly Bean 4.2 version, i stumble upon to one of my old time favourite ROM namely CleanBlankRom (CBR). It’s a smooth ROM also but I guess I’ll just wait till the developer upload the 4.2 version. 😀

    I rarely flash a nightly build due to the my current nature of works especially when constant email keep coming in and out. Therefore I prefer a stable custom ROM which i find came from either pure AOSP build or port from Galaxy Nexus. Both of the mentioned ROM fulfill my needs (fast, buttery smooth for multi-tasking & good gaming performance during my escapade after a busy hour).

    Both ROM have don’t a constant update coz both ROM are rock solid stable and good battery life. You won’t get so much interface customization since it’s build from stock android source code but that doesn’t mean u can’t customize it at all. Just have yourself brave enough to either copy/paste and replace the default launcher or edit the build.prop script to increase the screen density. ^___^

    So, if u feel to try them out, here are the link:

    SUPERNEXUS : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1810042
    optional kernel (DorimanX) : http://dorimanx.shine.sk/ <— only download from the JB MALI kernel list

    CleanBlankRom (CBR) : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1604366
    (so far, no alternative kernel for this rom yet).

    So, there you go my experience with JB so far. Hope to help you to 'catch up' a bit while your i9100 was 'hospitalized'. The real breakthrough in the custom ROM section since they move on from ICS to JB was when :

    1- resolve the memory leak (you got a constant 600MB of memory usage even in the idle mode)
    2- implementation of the Mali driver for i9100 GPU.

    Other than that, u didn't miss out a lot. 😀

    Anyway, WELCOME 'back' TO THE CLUB ^___^

    • Those ROMs look great. I may give them a go sometime. Even while my phone was hospitalized, I was constantly on XDA threads. Memory leak fix and the OpenSource HWC vs JB HWC vs ICS HWC vs no HWC debates all provided me with some good reads at that point.

      Excited about Android 4.2 and even more excited with the low price of the Nexus 4. Really awesome.

    • Haha. I had downloaded the camera app already but still haven’t tested it out. Maybe will give it a whirl later.

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