6 comments on “The Next Nexus Phone

  1. I would honestly love to see just one Google device, instead of plenty with varying specifications, although the more variations, the better they can cater to people’s needs, from personal experience though, most people that buy Nexus phones are mostly all power users who know that Nexus is the best way to experience Android and not get stuck with TouchWiz or Sense (I really despise TouchWiz, lol)

    • Hi Pierre,
      I agree with you that mostly power users are the buyers of Nexus devices… However, with more variation and different look and feel, it may help to broaden the appeal as well as cater to those with not-so-deep-pockets.

      And I definitely agree with you on TouchWiz. Although it does have some plus points, the negatives far outweigh the positives and ever since I’ve tried CM on my S2, I’ve never looked back. Managed to convince a few other users about the benefits of NON-TouchWiz in fact. Lol.

      • Definitely! I can’t imagine myself going back to TouchWiz, even when Samsung releases JB for the S2, I would suggest you try SuperNexus though, CM10’s builds were a little too buggy for me, at least the ones I tried them (Right before they started releasing nightlies), if you use Siyah Kernel as well though and would consider SuperNexus, don’t download build 4 as there is an incompatibility issue with Siyah, build 3 works great though and is super smooth!

        • Thanks for the tip Pierre,
          However, my S2 is currently under repair due to water damage and I have been without Android for the past couple of weeks. Hoping that it can get restored even temporarily so that I can wait for the new Nexus phones to be out! =)

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