3 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – N7100: AP sets available now

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    • Hi azhararis,

      The main difference between AP and ORI devices are the warranty. Physically, the devices should be the same. In some cases, AP devices can easily be spotted if they have foreign carrier stickers such as “AT&T”, “BELL”, “O2” or etc but in some cases, the difference can be harder to spot.

      You can also look at the charger and manuals. ORI Malaysian devices will come with our standard 3-point plugs while some foreign ones will come with 2-point plugs. The main language used in the manual may also indicate whether the device is an AP or ORI set.

      Another indicator is price. AP sets are typically cheaper than ORI sets so if a device price is cheaper than the typical market (market price is not the same as RRP), there’s a good chance that it is either AP, second hand or a China copy (not the real device), depending on the price.

      Lastly, you can check the model number or warranty information. Model numbers can be an indicator when different models are created for different markets but this is typically not the case. When it comes to warranty, most local OEMs only provide 1 year warranty on their devices (I think SiS provides 2 years for HTC devices though) but AP warranties can be longer like 18 months or 24 months.

      There might be some other ways to spot an AP device vs and ORI device but these are typically the easiest ways to spot an AP device vs an ORI device. If anyone else knows of any other methods, feel free to share.

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