11 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S2 – I9100: Water damage

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  2. Hello Everyone
    I am from India and using Samsung Galaxy Y. Some days ago, I went to Samsung Service Centre, as got some water damage. And they checked that, and told me that the phone touch and jack are destroyed and have to replace these. I said okay coz my phone was under warranty. But they told me that they would charge me 4000/-. As it was near the half amount of new phone’s price. Then I went to another service centre and they told me to charge 1600/-. So I gave my phone to them as they were charging fewer amounts then first one. But my some of friends told me that they have charged me unnecessarily. Because if our any product is under warranty, the company pay for their repair. So I contacted the centre for same but they didn’t respond me for my issue. So, I filed my complaint at http://consumercourt.net/forum.php had bookmarked for future use. I just hope for great help from their side as soon as possible. I just shared my experience to aware you guys. I hope it worked.

    • Hi Mahi,
      This really depends on what is covered by Samsung Warranty in India. For your information, I searched the Warranty Information on Samsung India website and came across this line:

      In case of any damage to the product / misuse detected by the authorised service centre personnel, the warranty conditions are not applicable and repairs will be done subject to availability of parts and on chargeable basis only.

      In Malaysia’s case, this line says it all about water damage:
      Also, this Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

      Spillage of food/liquids
      Operating with incorrect or irregular voltage supply
      Corrosion, rusting or stains

      Therefore, it is clearly seen that even if my Warranty period had not expired, I would not have been able to claim a free repair under Warranty. For your case in India, it is a little more subjective as the Warranty Information provided online does not explicitly state water damage.

      It would be best if you check the Warranty Card that may have come with the product and see if it does clarify things up. Else, it may be entirely up to the Service Center personnel’s judgement.

      Last thing to remember is that Warranty Information can and usually do vary from country to country and it is always best to check with the local company/website.

      Hope this helps!

    • Sorry for the late reply.
      Generally, the only way to fix a damaged radio is to bring it to a service centre or a phone repair technician. You could try to do it yourself if you can get the parts online and you are comfortable working on a phone.
      Alternatively, have you tried drying out your phone (really, really drying it out) and trying it again?
      Sometimes, that works.

  3. I want to get my Galaxy S 2 fixed. It got damaged in rain. It slipped from my hand into a puddle. So I immediately removed the battery and blow dried it but since i couldnt remove the screws ive kept it as it is. It’s the only one which i didnt loose till date. I’ve lost Iphone5 and S4 ! I know im careless but i love it. how can i get it fixed? Will it get fixed? It is not even switching on 😦 im using Tab3 since my favourite one is not working.

    • Hi Aashna,

      I would suggest you to bring it to the nearest Samsung Service Center or other Phone Repair shops (if you trust them). As it is a phone from 3 years ago, it is a little hard to say whether they can repair it or not as it all depends on whether they still have the spare parts (motherboard especially) for it.

      Try your luck to revive your favorite phone. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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