33 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S2 – I9100: Cracked screen

  1. Not yet but uh… seriously the Samsung staff didn’t say anything about the rooted device and all? Wow, that’s very kind… hehehehhee

    • Hey AremedZeroX,
      Nope. Not a word. They must turned on my S2 to confirm that the new screen works. I also turned on my S2 in front of them with the whole CID logo flashing in front of them. Not a word.
      Guess Malaysian’s are a tolerant bunch. Lol.

      • Hi Eric,
        I truly appreciate your post on your visit to the Samsung Service Centre for your SII screen repair. At least you gave me an idea of the impending cost that i will have to incur today. I will be taking in my S3 as i dropped it and the screen has 2 large cracks. Good to know about the CM9 too. 😉

        • You’re most welcomed.
          Ouch about your screen. Its a costly repair to be sure. Hope you get your screen replaced speedily too!

          • Just an update on my experience in KL. I could only send it in for repair yesterday evening. Took a ticket at ~5pm with 37 numbers ahead of me; my number came up around 1hr later. phew. So obviously no time to fix it yesterday (Monday), they said to come back on Tuesday @12pm to fetch it quoting a sum of RM441.70 for the repair. I said OK.

            Came back on Tuesday@1230pm, took a number. Only 5 ahead of me but in the end only got my phone back after waiting >1hr 15mins.

            Am i satisfied with the work done? Yes. There was even a small chip off the left side that they fixed (they probably just changed the whole front of the phone?)

            Am i satisfied with the long wait? Not really. But there are so many people that come to bring in Samsung products (not just phones). I guess that’s what u get for using the products of a #1 smartphone maker.. I saw S2s, S3s, Ace lah, Y lah..Tabs, microwaves, printers, lcd monitors, lcd tvs..

            • Yeah, the long wait is frustrating at times (especially when you don’t have your phone to play with).
              I think you are right about the whole front of the phone. Mine had a little dent on the top, which was due to a drop (no cracked screen though). It was gone after the replacement.

              A little surprised by how an S3 screen is cheaper than an S2 screen. I thought the bigger sized screen should be more expensive. But I guess SAMOLED+ with its true RGB pixels are costlier to make than PenTile SAMOLED screens.

              • Hi Eric or anyone out there .. I`m using S3 and i think my luck are similar with other brother out there .. May i know how much it cost for s3 screen replacement ? i drop it and it was less than a month .. how should i go about this .. i visit klang centro service center and they wan 700.. can advice if this price is acceptable ? corning gorilla glass is just not too impressive as the phone was slide out from my pocket while sitting .. sitting height enough to make it break into pieces …

                • Hi Lost,
                  If you see Hayy’s comment above, you can see that he had his repaired for RM441.70. RM700 is very expensive in my opinion. You may want to check why it costs so much.

                  • Hi Eric , thankx for the very fast reply .. S2 for Rm 441.70 ? but S3 is same ? i heard that it was made of corning gorilla glass 2 and it is expensive .. sorry first time using samsung phone.. by the way I`m visiting above mention service center tomorrow morning , can i get my phone on the sameday since I dont have any spare phone at the moment and it was saturday .. lol …

                    • Hi Lost,
                      Hayy replaced a Galaxy S3 screen, not an S2. Mine was an S2 which was slightly more expensive, around RM470.
                      If they have the parts available, it should take only about an hour or so to replace, so it is possible to get it back the same day.

  2. thankx Eric , lucky I got to see your post here .. was so down as all my phone`s screen never broke into that condition before ..hopefully everything will be solve by tomorrow ..

    • Glad to be of help. One of the reasons for writing was to let others know what to expect. Seems that I’ve managed to help you. Goal achieved then! Haha.
      Good luck lost!

  3. Hi lost, Eric,

    Sorry to hear about your S3. It is frustrating. Just to give more info that the service centre here in KL said that the actual price for the repair would be RM630, but they gave me a 30% discount so that the final price became RM441. I have no idea whether that was just a sales gimmick or whatever you call it, but I hope you pay less or at least equal to what I paid 🙂

    All the best!

  4. y de samsung services center never call be4 they repair de….nw they aldy repair n d cost very expensiv ….can i say me dont want repair alrdy n ask they put bc my origunal 1….><

    • Hi XXX,

      I think they do call before they proceed with any repairs and they will tell you the price up front or call you in case it needs further repairs not in the original quotation. Refer to your work order paper they give you when you send your device in. Normally they should have written what they receive and plan to repair. If not satisfied, you can complain to Samsung Malaysia Electronics but I don’t think you can ask them to undo the repair and put back the original.

      I feel sorry for you.

      Good luck!

    • You can try to talk with them, but if they have already done the repairs, I think it may be hard to ask them to undo the repairs. If they haven’t started, by all means ask them not to proceed if you don’t want the repairs.

  5. just sent my s3 to get the crack fixed..cost me RM610.90 at lowyat samsung service center..so expensive!! but had to get it done cuz i had asked the samsung shop at garden they say it’ll cost 700++ .. i didnt go to the one at JLN 222..cuz its only open on weekdays..got work..how to go.. supposed to take it tmr..yup they said its gonna be done in 2-3 days time..but no sms watsoever from samsung yet saying its done..sigh..you guys are so lucky 😦

    • I guess the prices goes up and down. Maybe depends on stock availability/demand.
      I find it a little weird that different service centers have different pricing. I had thought that the prices would be standardized since they are all Samsung official service centers.

  6. GOD my s3 just dropped and the screen looks horrible was looking for the prices and i think the people who got it for 441 are soo lucky i hope i get the same luck.. coz this time my luck wasnt so good. 😦

    • Hi selly,
      Good luck to you and if you happen to get prices that differ from 2 different service centers, do record down which service center and the prices and send to Samsung. I have contacted them before about the different prices and they would like to know which service center are charging prices differently.

    • Hey, how much did you pay to replace your cracked s3 screen? Cause my friend dropped her phone recently and the screen cracked too. Thank you.

  7. Hi… im experiencing the same prb as above 😦 sadly. any1 has any idea how much would it cost for a samsung galaxy note 2??

    • Hi Tasha,
      Unfortunately, I would have no idea. You would have to go to Samsung Service center to find out. But as the screen is bigger than either S2 or S3, I’d expect the price to be higher.
      When you find out, do post a comment with the price as a reference for other people.
      Thanks and good luck!

    • Hi CCY,
      Sorry. I can’t really help you as I don’t live in PJ. One advice is that while there may be third party shops who will repair the screen for you at lower price, do be careful as there may be those who use refurbished screens instead of the original parts. The best bet is still to go to a Samsung service center. If you do go to a third party shop, do make sure you have some reasonable warranty for the new/repaired screen.

      Above all else, good luck and share your findings.

      Thanks for reading

  8. I am specialized in repairing mobile lcd / parts FACE2FACE with low costs (available on KL/Selangor/Nilai). Each item comes with warranty and guarantee original parts as service center. Any question regarding the price, please sms “PHONE MODEL PROBLEM LOCATION”. I will respond as soon as possible. tq 🙂 -boy-

  9. Any question regarding the price, please sms “PHONE MODEL PROBLEM LOCATION” to 010-2417040. I will respond as soon as possible. tq 🙂 -boy-

  10. Hi all. An accident while I visited my sis in-law, that somehow someone has splashed hot water to my S3 😦 Yes, not just plain water, but HOT plain water.

    What I did was to quickly dried it using towel, and hair dryer.

    Is it wrong things to do? I was so panicked at that time (sigh!!)

    Anyway, has anyone experienced the same problem as mine? The phone looks ok, no cracks or anything. Its just that the screen is kind of not so responsive.

    Any advice/tips should I need to go to the service centre? (hehe) pls pls…

    • Sorry to hear that.
      You can try to dry it properly by turning it off, take out the battery and stick it into a container filled with uncooked rice overnight. This should properly suck out all the moisture in the phone.
      If after this it still has issues, you can bring it to the service center. However, keep in mind that a water damaged mother board could cost around RM600 to repair in Malaysia.
      It might be cheaper to get a new phone in this case. However, if it is just the screen, it might cost the same as a cracked screen replacement.
      Good luck!

    • Err..hi all, me again 🙂

      Amazingly, my hp is working fine. Yes, working damn fine!! Hahah. As at this moment, i am at the midst of updating my waze. hopefully it stays fine. so this issue kinda solve itself. thx all 🙂

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