45 comments on “Samsung Galaxy SII – I9100: Which modem is best (part 4)

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  4. Mine is DXLP9
    ROM : Resurrection Remix 2.6
    Kernel : Siyah 3.3.3

    the signal is really bad~ sometimes i got no signal at all~ any recommended modem bro?

    • Hi jbboy,
      My recommended list is above. XXLPW and XXLPH have been the best 2 modems for me. You can give them a try. If you can’t find the modems, let me know and I’ll upload them for you.
      Also, you can try clearing your cache and doing fix permissions in CWM to see if that helps. Some users have suggested that it does.
      Thanks for reading

  5. I’m Jb boy~ sorry…
    that’s the name I typed anyway..
    well, I’m using XXLPW , but the signal seems to be low, and sometimes I didn’t get any signal at all.

    i don’t know if wipe cache and fox permission would help. but I’ll try anyway….

  6. If XXLPW is giving you low signal, perhaps you can try a few others that I’ve tested. There’s no one universal modem that works for everyone, so, give XXLPH, XXKDH a try and see. =)

  7. I can’t find I9100XXKDH~
    would you kindly give me the download link pls?
    thx in advance

  8. tankyou man…..
    btw, i was changing my modem to DXKL1, then when i was rebooting,
    i pushed a…. black dot, a very small black button next to the simcard, on the left side of the back of the phone…..
    ad now the signal is running fine…..
    is there anything to do with the black button?

    • Hmm. Not sure about the black dot. Did it reset your phone data? It could be a master reset button or simply a modem/antenna reset?
      If anyone else has the explanation, care to share?

  9. Eric, I’m using Maxis GS2 in Selangor area, is LPH still the best that you recommend I use?
    I mainly use GSM with no data connections, my phone is just in standby mode most of the time so I aim for the LONGEST battery life, which modem do you recommend?

    • If you’re using 2G mode and in standby most of the time, I think most of the modems would give you a pretty good battery life. Which modem are you currently on and how long do you go without a recharge? Also, I think that as long as the phone is able to last from morning till night without a recharge, it is good enough. You can just recharge every night. Li-ion batteries are said not to have any memory issues.

      Alternatively, you could invest in one of several options of obtaining longer life like an extended battery, an external battery, an external power tank or even a spare battery.

      Personally, I have an external battery built into the cover and also an external power tank for when I really need to go without power for long duration. Some friends have invested in a spare battery but I find that more cumbersome to charge and switch.

      If your current modem works fine, no real reason to change. =)

      • I’m trying out LPH as you suggested. I used to get 3-5 days without recharge when I first bought the phone last year, that was convenient because I lazy to recharge everynight. But after many flashes, they only last 1-2 days max nowadays. I try to get back the 0.2%-0.5% battery/hour usage but all the CM9/ICS ROM/kernel/modem don’t give that anymore. Maybe it was due to GB ROM?

        My current phone setup (NeatROM Lite, Siyah 3.4.1, LPH) is giving about 1%-1.2% battery/hour.
        My wife’s Galaxy S was giving much better battery usage now, 0.5% with CM9 ROM.

        • Hmm. I wouldn’t want to make that conclusion. There are differing reports, some saying that ICS gives better battery life while others say GB is better.

          You could try experimenting with the modems and see which gives you better battery life, but you would need to give the modems a few days at least to settle down each time. Alternatively, you can try doing a battery calibration, which some say is a myth, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

          The instructions for battery calibration can be found here:

          Good luck and I would appreciate it if you would update me with your findings.

        • I got it from here:

          Here is a quick pro/con list and a summary:

          1. Although the advertised capacity is 1000mAh, in reality, it would recharge your phone (during standby/active operation) for around 20-40% (based on my personal experience). Perhaps indicating a very inefficient power transfer or an overstated capacity.
          2. It doesn’t work that well with a I9100G. It can still charge, but the behavior is erratic.
          3. Your device will get hot during the charging. It can get a little uncomfortable in your pocket.

          1. The micro USB port works for data transfer as well. No need to remove your phone when you want to transfer files.
          2. Doesn’t extend your battery thickness by too much. Still pocketable and doesn’t look too bad.
          3. Hides your camera so that it doesn’t touch the surface.

          I have no regrets buying this. I think that it is a good add-on to my phone that provides me with some extra power during situations where I am not around my charger and need enough power to make a call. I wish it was more efficient and gave me 50% or more though.

  10. Hey Eric Lee! I have a question i am dying to get off my mind. I have been only using the latest modems for my country code as i think it would be best(but im so not satisfied with the 3g speed i am getting, averaged 0.5 mbps download on speedtest.net app, so my question is, will it be possible for modems with other country codes to be better than the modem of my local country??
    also, do you have any tips to improve my 3g speed? I tried changing my CSC from EUR to STH, as im from singapore. Not much difference. tried changing apns with Tweakker ICS beta app as well, still not much difference. help?

    • Hey Kenneth,
      It is possible that modems with other country codes are better than the modem of your local country. Why? Simply because most countries using GSM networks are on the same frequency so it doesn’t really matter which modem you use. However, the only way to know for sure if the modem works for you or not is to try them out.
      I’m afraid that I don’t know of any special way to improve 3G speed. Modems do have some impact on download speeds for sure but that is not the only cause of it. Often times, it is down to your service provider’s coverage and infrastructure.
      Thanks for reading.

      • woah thanks for the extremely quick reply! btw what is your speed on your best modem on speedtest.net? 😀

            • If the iPhone can get 4mbps on the same carrier network, I don’t really see why the S2 can’t. Go find that modem!

              • i know right! Thats what i’m trying!!!!!!!!!!!! It is suppperr pissing me off that all my life with s2 i get 0.5 mbps around on every speed test! ARRGHHH -pulls hair out-
                btw im singaporean, any advice? 😀

                • Sorry Kenneth,
                  I don’t know of any other things to do except try different modems and if you still cannot get the speed you paid for, contact your network provider and complain!

  11. Heya Eric,

    What a great article you had post here and it is quite helpful reference when i switch from SGS1 to SGS 2 on june 2012. Since i’ve been using Nexus modem for my previous SGS1 with a remarkable performance, i hope i can do the same tryout for my SGS2 (flashing Galaxy Nexus modem into SGS2) but apparatenly can’t find ROM developer in xda who is doing it. Had been through some troublesome flashing several modem and kernel which suits my area and usage. Allow me to briefly share my experience:

    I’m a CELCOM (voice + data) user and currently live & work at Johor Bahru.

    Modem : BULP6 (europe – UK)
    Comment : Good battery life, Good 2G connection, Good 3G connection but helpless on E signal. Occasionally a sudden drop between HSDPA to E signal and a bit laggy to recover the speed whenever 3G connection is lost.

    Modem : DXLP9 (asia – malaysia-singapore)
    Comment : Well, i had the similar experience with you when flashing this modem so i concur what u had written in your blog. 🙂

    Modem : BVLP7 (europe)
    Comment : So far, this is the best modem performance I ever used. Great battery life, good and quite stable signal for both 2G and 3G. Still the data loading with E signal can’t be helped but it quickly recover the speed when your phone able to grab the 3G/HSDPA signal. The best part is I was able to get a decent HSDPA signal (2 bar) inside my house when the other modem give me only E or G.

    Also been flashing other modem like NELP3, XXLPH, DXLP6, XXKL1,XXLP6 but apparently keep switching between BULP6 and DXLP9, depends on the kernel and custom rom that i been using. However, with BVLP7 modem i find that my connection is very2 stable and consume less battery during normal call, especially during my boss ‘nagging mode’. 😀

    Side note: Correct me if i’m wrong but i find that both ‘normal’ XXLP6 and XXLP7 had a different effect compared to their ‘variant’ of BULP6 and BVLP7.

    source of modem download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1131950

    • Hi kopi79,

      Firstly, thanks for reading.

      Secondly, seems like BVLP7 is working for you. I might give it a try later to see how well it works for me. Thanks for that tip.

      Thirdly, there is bound to be some difference between XXLP6 and BULP6 or XXLP7 and BVLP7. XX doesn’t really mean generic/normal modems, they indicate a few European countries actually (Malaysia not being one of them obviously).
      “XX – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom”
      BU and BV are for specific carrier and countries (imagine a modem tailored for DiGi/Celcom/Maxis in Malaysia – no, there isn’t one, that’s why I said imagine).
      “BU – Vodafone – T-Mobile”
      “BV – Orange – Switzerland”
      I believe that those network carriers have done some tweaking to better suit their frequencies/power or etc. Unfortunately, being no expert and having no inside connections, I cannot verify or even begin to guess what they changed. However, if it works well for you, it may indicate that Celcom are using a very similar setup and that explains the better battery life and stable signals.

      I would ask how come DiGi, Maxis, Celcom or any other Malaysian carriers do not customize the modems for their own network and the best guess I have is that they either do not have the capability or the access to do it. Still, the finding that BU and BV modems are working very well may help us to find wonderful alternatives!

      • Hahahaha… that was a quick response from you bro. 🙂

        Just to add a bit more details on what are the stuff running inside my i9100 (with BVLP7 modem of course)…. in case you wanna try out something new (Xperia launcher) since I tend to get bored with all the ‘identical’ appearance of custom launcher like Apex, Nova, Holo (Trebuchet is my favorite).

        Android ver. : ICS 4.0.4
        Custom ROM : XPeriaS2 ROM (link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1810042&page=97)

        Even though the guide instructed to flash the Siyah kernel (v4.1.1) before you flash the ROM, the actual kernel which run the ROM shall be from CM 9.1

        What surprise me is that with the ‘ondemand’ set as the default governor, I was surprised on the battery performance with my heavy usage for both calls and data connection during my office hour. With both DXLP9 and BULP6, i need to plug in for recharge at around 2-3pm but with the BVLP7 it can withstand until 5pm. Some might see it as a slightly increase performance but it makes a big difference for me though since I’m required to go to the site rather than sitting on my desk. 🙂

        • I’ve tried the Xperia launcher on my Galaxy Ace. Very impressive smoothness. Might try it on S2 as well when I get a chance. =)
          2-3pm and 5pm is 2-3 hour of difference, in my opinion, that’s quite a lot. Great to see such results from you. I will definitely give BVLP7 a try on DiGi.

  12. Eric, thanks for the post. This was extremely helpful, after my S2 became (almost) unusable after changing carrier and receiving a new SIM card.

    Now I am troubleshooting Bluetooth, which generally works, but in some situation hangs (especially with voice commands).

    My question: Do you know whether the radio is involved in Bluetooth communication as well? I am wondering whether I should try other radios to find a solution to my Bluetooth troubles, or whether it’s an OS issue.


  13. How would I go about picking a radio modem for use in Australia. Currently, my custom ROM is SlimSaber, with Baseband I9100XXLS9…

    Australia and Austria are similar in writing, but hell no when it comes to map location. Would it be more optimal to choose something from here –
    DX—> Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

    My signal sits on 2 bars out of 4 for most of the time… I remember when I had stock ROM installed, it was always 3-4 bars.

    Thanks for reading and any advice.

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