10 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S2 – I9100G: Flashing CM9

  1. Hi! Will this somehow not trigger the Hard Brick Bug? I have read in XDA forums that you should not do a wipe in CWM. Correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks!

        • Hey it’s me again. I now have an official stock ICS LP6 Malaysia. But now I am stuck at the part where you will flash CM9 and Gapps in CWM. I read in XDA that flashing roms through CWM are LIKELY to trigger the hard brick bug. (Link below)


          I have an affected kernel 0x19. May I ask what firmware revision you have in your I9100G? I am torn apart if I should go on or go back to stock GB rom. Again, thanks!

          • Hey Ron,

            I think it is very likely that you will be safe to flash. Stock ICS LP6 was released in May. And Entropy25 says this: All GT-I9100 ICS leaks and official releases prior to July 2012 are SAFE (MMC_CAP_ERASE not present).

            Whilst it says GT-I9100 instead of GT-I9100G, I do believe that it is also applicable. GT-I9100 stock ICS releases from July 2012 onwards are UNSAFE (you may want to warn your friends who are on stock).

            I don’t have access currently to the GT-I9100G used for this test as the device belongs to my brother. However, I do recall flashing to LP6 prior to going to CM9 as well.

            While I obviously cannot guarantee it, I do think that it is more likely that it will be fine.

            While reading through XDA, I’ve come across a comment that says that CM9 is reportedly planning to have some sort of fix in their kernels so that it will be safe to flash even if coming from an unsafe ROM. Now, I haven’t been able to verify this (can’t locate the bug fix #) but it does sound like something they’d be able to do.

            Hope this helps to calm you down!

            • Hi Eric, thank you for your response. After further researching I found out that the CWM you gave me is the safe version. Meaning the mmc erase bug is fixed in this version. Here is the link:


              So using CWM that you gave is indeed very safe. And now it’s time for me to flash CM9 and GApps (yes!). Anyways, I appreciate all the help you gave me. I wouldn’t have done this without your help. Let our little discussion be of help to anyone who’s paranoid out there (OUCH!) to upgrade their I9100G. Again thanks!

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