6 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S3 – I9300: DiGi plan revealed

    • Hi,
      If in Malaysia, I think DiGi’s online store is trustable. If in US, Newegg, Amazon and EBay are quite trustworthy.
      Also, you may want to take a look at directd on lelong (http://www.lelong.com.my/merchant/directd.htm). They do have a store at Selangor so you can try dropping by their store to take a look if you are in the area.
      If you’re in Penang, I can recommend you to take a look at Prangin Mall. There’s quite a lot of resellers there. There is even a Samsung Trusted Reseller at 1st Avenue which gives you additional warranty.
      While buying online is an easy way, I prefer to buy my phones offline. Touching, feeling and testing the phone before buying is one of the joys for me.
      Thanks for reading.

    • Good to know Ganpat Shinde, that’s a 10% discount already.
      Maybe other regions will soon follow suite. Everyone who wants to buy should take note and be at the lookout. Prices may soon fall at distributors near you.

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