4 comments on “Arsenal vs Liverpool

  1. I can’t fancy Liverpool to upset the Gunners. For me this is a clear home win. Blackpool should indeed get a much needed victory on their home turf against weaker and out-of-form opponents Wigan.

  2. Hi British,

    I think that Liverpool has been performing well against tough oppositions. I didn’t fancy them to win against Chelsea, let alone winning convincingly against Man Utd and Man City.

    Liverpool’s away form is (as previous seasons) their weak point and Arsenal may capitalize on it. However, Arsenal are not really firing on all cylinders either. Which leads to no clear victor in this match for me.

    It is a tough call and could go either way. However, I stand by Liverpool and believe in them. Let’s see who is right come next week. =)

  3. Looks like we were both wrong. Blackpool collasped against Wigan. Darn. And when I had switched Cech to Kingson.

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