4 comments on “Liverpool ending the year with a low

  1. Yes, this defeat is a big, big worry. I think the trophy cabinet is going to gather dust for a long time yet. The nerves of the team are so on show, like I have never seen before.

    • Yes. It is a big worry. And at a time that we were just thinking that Liverpool could at least count on home form to climb the table.

  2. It was obvious Hodge was going to go, no surprise at his sacking today. I really hope Dalglish has the fire in him like he used to, he will need it with some of Liverpools ‘lethargic’, to put it kindly, players!

    • It was a bad first half of the season but the good thing is, we can still be in the running for a top 7 finish if we have a good second half of the season.

      While we did not win at Old Trafford, I think that Dalglish will be a good asset for Liverpool and I expect a stronger showing in the second half of the season.

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